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Real Estate CRM with AI Chatbot

Orlando Diggs
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Transforming Real Estate Engagement with Lethub's AI-Powered CRM and Chatbot


In a digital-first world, the real estate sector demands innovation to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions. Lethub, a forward-thinking startup, recognized the potential of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into customer relationship management (CRM) to revolutionize how property management companies manage their portfolios. By deploying an AI-driven CRM and chatbot system, Lethub aimed to automate prospecting and lead qualification processes, facilitate seamless booking of showings, and significantly reduce manual workload.


Lethub is Canada's leading startup working in domain of Real Estate sector. Their vision is to use Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the Real Estate industry by enabling them to prospect qualified leads without any manual hassle. Lethub targeted property management companies grappling with the challenges of manual lead handling, time-consuming prospecting, and inefficient lead qualification processes. These companies manage extensive portfolios, often spanning tens of thousands of property units, necessitating a scalable solution to streamline their operations and improve customer service.

Problem Statement

The primary challenges faced by Lethub's clients included:

  • Inefficient Lead Management: Manual processes for lead prospecting and qualification were time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to missed opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction.
  • High Operational Costs: Extensive manual labor for handling inquiries and booking showings resulted in high operational costs.
  • Limited Engagement: Traditional CRM systems lacked the capabilities to engage prospects effectively, impacting conversion rates and customer experiences.
  • Not Leveraging State Of Art Technology: As AI solutions are emerging in markets, this domain also needed a revamp so that they can embrace the state of art AI and Secure Cloud solutions to empower them to scale

Technical Solution

We built a comprehensive AI-powered CRM and chatbot solution tailored to the real estate sector's unique needs. The system's key components included:

  • Automated Lead Qualification: Utilizing AI algorithms to analyze lead information, automatically qualifying prospects based on predefined criteria, and prioritizing high-intent leads.
  • Intelligent Chatbots: Deploying AI chatbot to handle initial customer inquiries, provide instant responses 24/7, and assist in booking property showings, enhancing customer engagement.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrating the AI solution with existing CRM systems, enabling property management companies to maintain a unified view of their leads and customers.
  • Platform Synchronization: Syncing with 15 leading property platforms to ensure real-time data accuracy and availability, making the property portfolio accessible across multiple channels.
  • Multi Channels Communication: Our solution enabled them to connect different channels like Emails, Whatsapp and Social account to respond 24/7 to their prospects and qualify potential customers from those


The implementation of our AI-driven CRM and chatbot solution for Lethub, delivered remarkable outcomes for their property management clients:

  • Onboarding of 50,000 Property Units: Enabled efficient management of a vast property portfolio, streamlining operations and improving property visibility.
  • Over 200,000 Bot Responses: The AI chatbot handled more than 200,000 interactions, providing timely and relevant responses, significantly enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Synchronization with Leading Platforms: By integrating with 15 top property platforms, Lethub ensured comprehensive market coverage, maximizing lead capture and conversion opportunities.
  • Saving 5,000 Manual Hours: The automation of lead prospecting, qualification, and showing bookings resulted in saving approximately 5,000 hours of manual work, translating into significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

The innovative solution we built not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by property management companies but also set a new standard for technological adoption in the real estate industry. By leveraging AI to automate and optimize customer interactions, Lethub has paved the way for a more efficient, responsive, and customer-centric real estate sector which empowered them to become the leading startup in Real Estate in Canada and rasing $3M Seed Funds